Sunday, October 26, 2008

Funny How Time Slips Away

Eleven years ago today, I had been a married woman for one day.

Ten years ago today, we were getting ready to attend the Las Vegas wedding of our dear friends.

Nine years ago today, we were thinking about moving out of the apartment complex in the Spring.

Eight years ago today, we went to Octoberfest to celebrate our anniversary.

Seven years ago today, we still couldn't believe that America had been attacked by a foreign enemy.

Six years ago today, we had come home from Shreveport instead of spending the night - it was NOT Las Vegas.

Five years ago today, we were recovering from a big party at our friends' house - they had a cake for us, which was a big surprise.

Four years ago today, we were adjusting to life with a beautiful new baby.

Three years ago today, everything we touched turned to gold.

Two years ago today, all the job transfers were finished and we were together under one roof again.

One year ago today, we were having a fabulous vacation to celebrate ten years.

Today, I am still so grateful that he picked me.

I love you, Dave.