Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random Poll

Dave and I have come up with a list of new possible "theme months" - all the ones in the calendar are taken, however there seems to be a good amount of overlap among the focus groups. So, please vote for your favorite:

1. Go Beige! Month
2. Scrotumular Fortitude Month
3. Watch TV for the Cure Month
4. Dust Mite Awareness Month
5. Coulrophobia Awareness Month (that one's for you, Brian)
6. Fight Back Fat! Month
7. Something Having to do with Multiculturalism Month

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Real Life Parenting

If you've never had a Three Year Old, and are curious as to how a typical conversation goes, this is pretty much a solid reflection of my experience as a parent.


We have a visitor at our house, and it's called the flu. I've been sick since Monday, and Dave's got it now, too. I haven't had the flu in years and years, and now I remember why it's such a blight on mankind. We've been extremely busy lately, and I'm sad to say, burning the candle at both ends, which probably played into this revolting outcome. So, lesson learned and all of that. From everything bad comes something good, which is that being sick took care of my problems with quitting smoking. Three Year Old hasn't gotten the flu yet - he has an ear infection - mainly he hasn't contracted it because he's been away from us for the better part of this week. We miss him so bad we can't stand it, but we don't want to have him get sick as a result of his parents' selfish wish to snuggle him.

So, Three Year Old, we know that you don't read Mommy's blog, but if you can get blogvibes - we love you very much and hope you're having fun - and tomorrow we'll have movie night on the floor with no shoes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Earth Passes through Tail of Comet...Film at 11

Again, I don't have much new to report - I'm just not very exciting right now! I am in the process of quitting smoking - even though I'm not Catholic, I've decided to give it up for Lent. I'm not trying to be a smartass here - I know that I will break my self-improvement promises to myself on a whim. It just carries more weight when it's a promise to God that I'm going to do better. Today I've smoked 7 cigarettes so far - this may not sound like progress, until I say that I've usually smoked 7 cigarettes by 10 a.m. at the latest. The cinnamon nicotine gum isn't bad either, after you get past that whole "tingle", which would better be described as "razor blade feeling in your gums". I haven't been overly snippy either, even though I was presented with several choice opportunities for annihilation of my enemies today. Hence, the "Earth is passing through the tail of a comet" theory - I've been rather amazed at the level of idiocy that I encountered today - it went across racial, geographical, and political boundaries. This disturbing trend first presented itself at my desk almost 2 weeks ago, during a full moon. I used the "cycle of the moon" explanation, and moved on with my life. Here I sit, two weeks later, wondering what fresh hell will be visited upon me via my work e-mail. From the ridiculous to the sublime, really. Fortunately, since I'm mentally ill, I've been able to keep my sense of humor about it, to the point of including photos from in my PowerPoint presentations to my team. If they don't think it's funny, at least it will serve as concrete evidence if I need to go on short term disability for a sabbatical at the local establishment for the very very disturbed.

On another note, I moved into a new office. This office is far better than my old office, as it is much larger, and sports a ceiling in addition to doors and walls. Please heed my advice here - if you ever have an office with doors and walls but no ceiling, the acoustics will be such that if you want to have a private conversation, leave the door OPEN. I'm located near a door, a restroom, and the cafeteria - it's quite wonderful. I also have very kind security guards seated right outside, and that makes me smile too.