Thursday, February 21, 2008


We have a visitor at our house, and it's called the flu. I've been sick since Monday, and Dave's got it now, too. I haven't had the flu in years and years, and now I remember why it's such a blight on mankind. We've been extremely busy lately, and I'm sad to say, burning the candle at both ends, which probably played into this revolting outcome. So, lesson learned and all of that. From everything bad comes something good, which is that being sick took care of my problems with quitting smoking. Three Year Old hasn't gotten the flu yet - he has an ear infection - mainly he hasn't contracted it because he's been away from us for the better part of this week. We miss him so bad we can't stand it, but we don't want to have him get sick as a result of his parents' selfish wish to snuggle him.

So, Three Year Old, we know that you don't read Mommy's blog, but if you can get blogvibes - we love you very much and hope you're having fun - and tomorrow we'll have movie night on the floor with no shoes.

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