Monday, January 21, 2008

...and we're back.

The last week has been an insane whirlwind of activity...trip to Florida, meetings there, trip back from Florida, visit from Mom, visit from Dave's parents, and getting back to work.

I've decided that the only way I can possibly come close to being a decent housekeeper is to either invite houseguests, or host parties regularly. I don't tolerate filth, but I'm not so great about clutter...and since I'm blind, I don't really see the dust...I just know that it's there. Our house usually gets a deep cleaning on the following occasions:

1. Prior to Three Year Old's birthday parties
2. Prior to Houseguests Visiting
3. Prior to Events Hosted at Our House*

*when the guest list includes individuals who don't frequently drop by, and are therefore not accustomed to my comfort level with a "lived in" look.

Part of the problem is that I piddle around when cleaning the house - instead of just straightening up the bathroom, I clean out the medicine cabinet, fold the towels, bring in some candles, hang a picture, you get the idea. Therefore, cleaning the house is a day long process for me, culminating in my frustration and anger at the world when I'm down to the wire and still haven't mopped the hideous linoleum in my kitchen. (Seriously, it's a waste of time. The only thing that would make that floor look good is a new floor. Why bother?)

Upon reading this post, I'm actually getting kind of proud of me. I'm a very "Type A" personality, and I hate that reference with a passion. I'm detailed, picky, and a perfectionist. When a coworker asked me how I lost so much weight, and I said "stress", she replied that when she got stressed out, she ate more. I told her that she needed to worry more, because the diet doesn't really work until you're nauseated by the thoughts of impending doom circling in your brain. So, maybe it isn't so bad that I'm not the most wonderful housekeeper in the whole world - maybe that means that instead of getting wrapped up about how the house looks, I'm doing what I really want to do at home - spending time with my family. Maybe other people like to drop by our house because it is comfortable - there are stacks of magazines to read, plenty of places to put up your feet, and an inflatable bed if you're too tired to go home...or if you break your neck trying to walk across the room and need a place to stay while you recover.

On a totally unrelated note, we saw "Cloverfield" this weekend, and it ROCKS. If you are a fan of disaster movies, this one is not to be missed. Go see it, and think of how I told you it was good during the discussion of "flaming homeless guy".

Saturday, January 12, 2008


At 6:00 on Tuesday morning, I depart for sunny Orlando, FL, for 3 days and 2 nights of meetings and socializing with my colleagues and management. It's the semi-annual meeting of the "Leadership Team", which I think should be renamed to "The A Team" - not to insinuate that we fight crime while riding around in a van, but rather to offer up possibilities for the meaning of the "A". Attentive, Aspiring, Apathetic, Androgynous (well, that doesn't really work), Argumentative (that does) - the list goes on and on.

In my quest to remain positive (despite the fact that I hate being separated from Dave and Three Year Old for one day, let alone for this long, and I don't like air travel, and it's supposed to rain the whole time I'm there so my hair will look like shit, and I'll have to work at night after the socialization time which means I'm going to be very tired), below is a list of things I'm looking forward to about this trip, in order of importance:

1. Getting to see the wonderful Jennifer, who never tires of being "voice of reason" in the face of my tendency toward "loose cannon".
4. Moving on, as a corollary, the fact that my Director is taking me and Jennifer to the COACH OUTLET on Thursday morning. She's also the source of one of those gift cards.
5. Walking through Disney on the boardwalk, finding perfect presents for Dave and Three Year Old.
6. Trying to top the "Buzz Lightyear Phone" gift to Three Year Old from August 2007.
8. Seeing my other colleagues and managers face to face, which only happens about twice a year.
9. The Heavenly Bed at the Swan Hotel where I am staying, courtesy of my employer (nice, huh?).
10. Sending postcards to my family and friends.

I'll update with a recap upon return - things are very hectic right now, so please forgive the delays between posts.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolved: New Years Resolutions Require Serious Life Choices

As a debater, I can't hear the word "resolution" without creating a value proposition and constructing a prima facie case. It occurred to me this morning, as I was drafting and rejecting new year's resolutions, that when one decides to make a change, he/she is actually choosing a new life. For example, resolving to entertain more frequently requires a corollary resolution to be a better housekeeper. In another parallel, all resolutions must follow more or less the same path - it's not possible to resolve to be a better employee while simultaneously resolving to learn the ancient craft of embezzlement.

My resolutions are hazy at the moment - I'm attempting to clarify them, and keep their numbers to a real and achievable level. Given my tendency to overcommit, and associated leaning toward harsh self criticism, I don't want to set myself up for an uncomfortable conversation with me later this year.

Hope your 2008 is great so far! My first goal is complete - 1-800-CONTACTS has received my order, paid with my shiny new Flexible Spending Account card. Now THAT'S an achievable goal.