Thursday, November 1, 2007


This time last week Dave and I were pulling into Kansas City on our first vacation in NINE YEARS. The reason for this celebration? Our tenth wedding anniversary! We spent two nights in Overland Park, and we went to the Plaza, Union Station, Downtown, was so great and now I want to move. I want to live in the Plaza and work at Mecca (it's called the Coach store, but hey).

Back in reality, the 3rd quarter results for my company came out today. My friend and coworker Jennifer, who lives in Dayton and is an all around better person than I am, was giving me the high points, since she had actually taken the time to review the documents for tomorrow's conference call. She paused and asked, "do you know we have an account called Fresh and Easy?" At this point, we both realized that the question was not why we had an account with this name, but rather, why we weren't assigned to that account. Imagine how one might answer the phone - "Katy, Fresh and Easy!" The business cards, the party introductions...Jennifer and I worked ourselves into a pretty good giggle fest over this. I shared with Jennifer the name of one of Tulsa's most ubiquitous convenience stores (Kum 'n Go), and she told another coworker. This particular coworker had the win for the day, when she shared the name of a liquor store chain in Kentucky - Liquor Quick. Say it fast (and quietly, if you aren't alone).

Finally, if you haven't seen it before, please take a moment to view this.


Shannon said...

Katy, that JCPenney catalog was SOOO funny I cried. And I forwarded the link to several friends. Thanks for sharing, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


BTS said...

I was particularly fond of the Rusty Venture speedsuit.