Sunday, December 9, 2007

Movie Review

If you have the time and inclination, I highly recommend going to see "The Mist". This movie is adapted from a novella by my favorite author, Stephen King. Overall, the movie stays true to the story, up until the end. Literally. It's not particularly frightening, however, it is extremely disturbing at a couple of points, and kind of gory. In the last 3.5 years, I have seen exactly 2 movies in the theater - I fell asleep halfway through the first one (Bourne Ultimatum). I did NOT fall asleep during this movie, and I guarantee you won't, either.

I do not recommend going to see this movie at Promenade Mall on a Saturday evening, when the patrons seem 1. unaware that this movie is not a comedy, 2. oblivious to the fact that their conversations tend to drown out dialogue, and 3. defensive when a mouthy white girl states upon finding said patrons talking in a group outside the theater door "it's amazing they still have anything to discuss since they couldn't shut the FUCK up during the movie". (Note to self - bravery is good, self preservation should be considered.)

Here's the rant: When I decide to watch a movie, either at home or in the theater, suspension of reality is key. Observations regarding character development, plot, similarities in decorating style to one's own, movie star exploits, events of the day, upcoming restroom visits, etc. are neither needed nor desired. In these situations, I first ignore the offending party and stare ahead at the screen without responding. Next follows a slight glare. If the talker is a person I know, I generally respond with "hmm" or "disgusted sigh". In the theater, I am a shusher, loud sigh-er, and a "shut the fuck up" mutterer to those I don't know - the cover of darkness and the shield of righteous indignation fuel my rage. Dave and I are of the same mind on this - we will pick up the remote at our own home or that of others, stop a movie, and look pointedly at the offending party. I once had a friend named Anne who would simply hold up a finger, point it at the screen, and say "show" - it was highly effective.

In other news, Three Year Old is pretty much potty-trained, and he got it down in less than a week. We are the very proud parents of a super handsome, smart, and grown up little guy. Also, for the first time in the history of civilization, my mother and I both plan to vote for the same presidential candidate. By my count, that's TWO Christmas miracles.

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