Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things that Reproduce When You Aren't Looking

Based on my personal experience, following is my list of the top 10 items that reproduce when I'm not looking:

1. Spare change in the bottom of my purse
2. Wire hangers from the dry cleaners
3. Laundry (dirty)
4. Britney Spears
5. Unread/Unanswered E-mails (work account)
6. Undeleted Junk E-mails (personal account)
7. Coupons for Restaurants I Will Never Visit
8. Laundry (clean, needs folding)
9. Stray Cats at the Back Door (after you give in ONE time and set out some tuna...)
10. Small Items that Nevertheless Make My Rolling Laptop Bag Even Heavier

On a completely unrelated note, I believe that Coach Leathergoods is coming after me directly - not sure if this is an attempt to control my thoughts, but really...how would they know that I collect snowmen and Santas, or that I carry one of my red Coach bags during the winter? How?

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