Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It is What it Is

Just about every situation can be boiled down to the above statement - It is What it Is. This is a phrase I repeat daily at work, at home, and when talking myself out of embarking on a tri-state killing spree (just kidding, but it feels great to say). It helps me to remember that no matter the possible implications of the words or actions of myself or others, I can only consider the face of it. For an OCD person such as I, contemplating the ramifications of a situation (usually focusing on my own failure in perception, statement, or deed) can spiral to the point where my own thoughts would be unrecognizable if I were in the right frame of mind. I'm a creative person, so I can conceive of possible outcomes to different situations until the end of time, and stopping that process is akin to derailing an Amtrak with a paperclip and a Happy Meal toy.

So, I've added the KT Corollary to the statement, and it's become - It is What it Is, Nothing More and Nothing Less. The first part of the addition is to remind me not to entertain myself by thinking up ways that my world could end, leaving me unemployed, despised, and afflicted by adult-onset acne. Part two is to keep me from blocking it out completely to avoid unpleasant thoughts entirely - there has to be a lesson learned.

I found this statement to be helpful this weekend when taking a stroll through the Coach store. Ahh, heaven. So many beautiful bags. Such design, such quality. Generous and understanding Dave has bestowed many handbags upon me, including two beautiful red Coach shoulder bags. As I perused the fall selection, I noticed that red is a popular color this year - and there were many opportunities to purchase lovely accessory items to complement my red bags. Suddenly, I was transformed by the notion of owning these accessory items, and imagined how glamorous I would be if only I could figure out a way to make them mine. I picked up one small item to examine it, and checked the pricetag. Oh. My. God. What was I thinking? The phrase came to mind, and I used it to come back to reality - it's just an accessory, nothing more and nothing less. The cost of that item would pay for a vacation. My heart rate returned to normal, my breathing slowed, and I didn't even want it anymore.

One victory down, hopefully an indication of more to come...

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