Sunday, September 2, 2007

Throwing up the Blog Block

We just got home this evening from a visit to Dallas - it was delightful, we saw lots of family in record time and had much fun. Sadly, I re-injured my shoulder and upon the slightest unplanned movement experience shooting pains followed by numbness in my left arm. Fortunately, I am a right-handed fencer.

Item Identified for LGF:
Non-Dallas drivers in Dallas: After spending 9 plus years in Dallas, and living in a remote suburb of the city for 4 of those years, Dave and I revert right back to our carefully honed North Texas driving skills upon crossing the state line. It's a mix of assertiveness, sharp reflexes, and the ability to predict the future. In a way, it's a competitive sport, and I enjoy coming out of retirement every now and then to see if my game is still sharp (it is). What I find particularly annoying are those individuals who are visiting Dallas from other far-flung areas (i.e., nowhere in Texas or Oklahoma) and are laboring under the misconception that they will be escorted outside of city limits if they don't take out a family or five during their visit. One bastardly gentleman from Kentucky deliberately attempted to cause *three* accidents with us because we had the nerve to try and get over to avoid the wreck in the right lane. You, sir, are a prick who deserves to get the trots on your drive home. When visiting Dallas as a tourist, please remember - all the stories you hear are true, so just resign yourself to the fact that you will get beaten off the line by everyone with a TollTag. It's the price you pay for great shopping.

Gone but Not Forgotten:
My old job: I had sharp pangs of what could be homesickness whenever I passed the building (6 times) where I worked for almost 8 years. The company name is emblazoned on the side of the building, and if I had been in town during a work day, I would have trotted in to say hi to my old coworkers/friends. We're still in touch, but I really miss the atmosphere, the job, and the relationships I had when I worked there. I still feel like I haven't really left, and someday I'll find my security badge and walk right back in to my old office. I hope those chairs I inherited during the remodel are still there - I liked them a lot.

My new words to live by:
Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.

Have a great holiday.

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