Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's a real fine place to start...

Last weekend we celebrated the almost 3 year old's birthday - he is now officially the three year old. Every birthday is special, this one was no different. On his first birthday, we practically had a coronation. His second birthday was fun, especially when he realized that all those presents were for him. This year, the buildup to his birthday started 6 months in advance. He knew what was going on, was appropriately adorable and frenetic, and ate much cake. Perfection.

This has been a bit of a rough week. Between Dave's long hours, drama at my job, and the three year old coming down off the birthday high, I'm pretty much done. So, the item identified for LGF:

"Hump Day"

My hatred of this term was renewed after I spent the longest 2.48 minutes of my life in an elevator with a person enamored with the concept. You know how this goes...the conversation is...brief... yet...simultaneously...eternal...

Despite the interesting connotations of the term, "Hump Day" is just another rip off. First, it's just a stupid term. There's no hump in the week. And, if there were, which I'm not saying is the case, then it would have to be located at exactly 12:00 noon - based on my calculations, this is not an entire day. I know that everyone isn't as data driven as I am on topics such as this, but stay with me a little bit longer, OK? If we assume that there is a hump in the week, and it falls after 12:00 noon on Wednesday, it actually brings us only one half day closer to...Saturday! The KT Corollary to the Hump Day rule is that this magical half day, due to the space time continuum, moves us further away from another part of the weekend...Sunday! Thus, the whole thing is a lie. The only day that can be honestly recognized as being closer to the weekend than any other day thus far within a week is the often overlooked Thursday.

The only thing I can think of that I reeeaaaalllly miss right now is sleep, so I shall go and find some immediately. If I sit here much longer, I fear that I would awaken to find a keyboard pattern on my face.

Thank you, Thursday.


BTS said...

According to my calculations, the exact "Hump Moment" is 12:30 pm on Wednesday. You have to consider that, for most people, the work week begins at 8:00 Monday morning and officially concludes 5:00 Friday afternoon. This ignores one's tendency to drift off of third base around 3:00 Friday and hope you don't get picked off.

This is a lovely theory. It also completely crumbles when you get a call at 11:00 on the one Saturday morning when you're going out of town for your nephew's birthday party.

katydid said...

that's awesome. i love it when you think that there is nothing else you could possibly need to handle before the weekend, then get an evening call. what most people don't get is that i've completely brain dumped by then, and am about as useful as a cabbage.