Saturday, August 4, 2007

Is it reeeealllly worth it?

Today is Oklahoma's first "tax free weekend!". If you don't live here, don't get too excited. It's basically one weekend where shoppers can purchase clothing and shoes of a price *under a certain threshold* (no designer handbag savings) without paying sales tax. If it were up to me, there would be no taxes on anything, including my nerves. But alas. Texas has enjoyed this annual event for several years...come to think of it, the first time this happened in Texas was right after I moved there. States wishing for such a boon to their local economy should contact me with a lucrative offer for relocation...but I digress.

Today, I am limiting my list of items to be nominated for LGF to this "tax free weekend!". All I want is a new psychedelic print shirt to go with my uniform of black boot cut pants and 2" heels - I'm going to Orlando for a meeting this week, and nothing makes me feel intelligent and professional like a new psychedelic print shirt. All Dave wants is a new pair of work boots - the need for which should be self-explanatory. Our hopes to achieve these goals were dashed today, all due to the "tax free weekend!". So many people. So many cars. We just couldn't do it. I lift my diet coke with vanilla to all of you who saved a ton of money on your back to school purchases. I tip my winston light to those who actually planned out their clothing purchases to make the most of your clothing budget. For me, it wasn't worth it - I had to do something that I really don't enjoy - I delayed my gratification. This weekend, I shall dream of my perfect shirt, and how it will bring out my eyes, make me smarter, and change my life. My frustration is mounting.

In the "Gone but not Forgotten" file...
Grocery Store Delivery - I have an almost 3 year old. As such, I approach a trip to the grocery store with fear and hope that a brief visit will pass without incident is dead, fallen victim to the anvil of reality. Since most convenience and specialty stores are woefully lacking a drive through, I look back wistfully upon the days of grocery store delivery. To those who know my age, NO, you're right, I don't remember it from when I was a kid...I am too young. What I'm referring to is the crash of the early 2000's, which can count among it's victims We hardly knew ye.

So long, farewell, it's time to say goodnight...

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