Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shock and Awe

As stated in a previous post, my uniform for work is a pair of black boot cut pants, some top, and 2" heels. This is something I believed to be true in the same way that the sky is up, grass is green, and I will only find the perfect accessory when I am broke. Tonight, I learned that I have been wrong...shocking, yes...but true.

Due to the recent acquisition of a new wardrobe (thanks, Mom!) I now have the ability to branch out into new clothing horizons, which include the implementation of pants in colors other than black. Nervous, but determined, I set out to shop online for the perfect pair of chocolate brown shoes to go with the adorable low-rise flare-leg Ann Taylor pants Mom gave me. I pondered the possibility of buying a pair of heeled loafers identical to a set I already own in black. They are darling - topstitched with a cutout over the toe and little metal accents. These shoes have served me well - so well, in fact, that I'm on my second pair of black ones - but I digress. I read the description of the shoes I already owned, agreeing with the statements regarding their style, versatility, and comfort. I reflected upon how I used these shoes as a benchmark of the heel height for any other shoes, as they are just perfect for work pants as well as jeans. At the end of the description, I saw something that shook me to the core. It read, simply:

3" stacked heel

I immediately sought a ruler and my shoes, to prove the description wrong (on this point alone). Upon measuring the height of the heel, I found that not only was I wrong about the height of this shoe, but also every other shoe that I own. Friends, I do not wear 2" heels. I wear 3" heels. Every. Single. Day.

Insert joke about women and perception of inches here - it doesn't work, but go ahead and try.

This has caused me to question my beliefs about myself in other areas. Are my pants really boot cut? Am I wearing a top? How tall am I, anyway? As a person who typically fact checks everything, it's rather odd that I missed this point, all things considered. Moreover, how many shoes have I passed over, erroneously thinking that the heels were too high?

I could ponder this all night, and probably will.

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